Two Old Hookers On Catfish

Two Old Hookers On Catfish

Since MTV hasn't run out of boobs who don't know how to use Google, Catfish: The TV Series continues to exist and tell their stories. And since Previously.TV editors Tara Ariano and Sarah D. Bunting can't stop watching them, we've created the Two Old Hookers podcast to bring you a weekly deep dive into the highs and lows of internet dating deception!

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S06.E20: Caitlyn & Kenton

Two Old Hookers On Catfish

Has Catfish been saving its most inspiring love story for the Season 6 finale?

40 Min

Aug 30, 2017

S06.E19: Jose & Jay

Two Old Hookers On Catfish

Catfish welcomes back a previous offender!

38 Min

Aug 23, 2017

S06.E18: Nicole & Nicole

Two Old Hookers On Catfish

Weeeeeeell, how much 'trying' is going on in the latest Catfish is debatable, actually.

33 Min

Aug 16, 2017

40 min
Jul 26, 2017

The amount of bullshit Robin is willing to accept from Wayne <em>may</em> have something to do with how hot he is.

35 min
Jul 19, 2017

Will Catfish bring Robert and Ashleigh together before he dies? (Yeah, it's a dark one.)

38 min
Jul 12, 2017

Will Catfish help April find out why her teen chat friend Dean keeps dropping out of her life?

34 min
Jul 5, 2017

Single mom Kelsie yearns to find out if Brandon is really her knight in muddy armor.

43 min
Jun 28, 2017

A former liar returns to find out if another liar's lying to him.

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