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Megaphone Targeted Marketplace

For the first time in podcasting, target listeners by demographics, interests, purchasing behavior and more. With over 60,000 segments, reach only the listeners that matter to your campaign, measure attribution and retarget listeners to maximize campaign impact.

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With more than 300 shows in the network and counting, we have an audience profile to match any demographic.


According to a 2016 comScore study, two-thirds of listeners acted on ads they heard in a podcast.


The Megaphone platform provides breakthrough attribution capabilities - delivering actionable, measureable results.

Host-Read Ads

Live host-read ads are unlike almost any other form of messaging in today’s media landscape: entirely native to the content and in the trusted, familiar voice of the host.
And our listeners actually love them. Surveys have repeatedly shown respondents find podcast ads more trustworthy and helpful—and less disruptive—than any other medium.

Recall & Affinity

Listeners develop genuine affinity for advertisers, associating them with supporting their favorite content.

Listen to a host-read ad from Why Oh Why

Native & Creative

The best ads become content in their own right–a natural extension of the show's personality.

Listen to a host-read ad from The Gist

Panoply Custom

Panoply Custom is an award-winning team of strategic storytellers who create podcasts in collaboration with brand partners. We bring an editorial approach to organically support your message through the intimate power of on-demand audio. Work with our team to produce an original podcast series that speaks volumes to your audience - and builds a new one.

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The Message

GE and Panoply worked together to bring GE into the podcasting medium with a bold, thrilling series that has set the standard for fiction podcasting. A marriage of Orwellian storytelling tradition and modern audio production, it captured the minds and hearts of millions of listeners and quickly topped the charts. The Message is the first of a sci-fi anthology that GE Podcast Theater and Panoply are co-producing.

Listen to Episode 1 of The Message

Making a Murderer

There’s no question Netflix’s Making A Murderer solidified its spot as a cultural phenomenon practically overnight. To help continue the conversation beyond the series, Netflix and Panoply partnered together to create a complimentary podcast that takes viewers behind the scenes with the creators of the groundbreaking documentary series. Listeners got an in-depth account from Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos into their process of documenting the harrowing true story of Steven Avery, an outsider who was exonerated after serving 18 years for a brutal assault. Like the series, the podcast because an instant hit and reached the top ten on iTunes chart.

Listen to Making a Murderer

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Umpqua Bank

Being the West Coast’s largest community bank, Umpqua Bank wanted to be the first financial institute to create a safe space for honest and often taboo conversations about money. In Open Account, host SuChin Pak (MTV News, People’s List) interviews folks from all walks of life, searching for answers about why money is so universally thrilling, confusing, powerful, and stressful — no matter how much, or how little, you have. After two successful seasons, Open Account continues to put this shared stress of money out in the open, encouraging everyone to incorporate these these important conversations in their daily lives.

Listen to SuChin Pak's Open Account

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