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Panoply Media is a full-service podcast company that delivers breakthrough technology for audio creators and advertisers, and produces compelling programs.

The Megaphone hosting and dynamic ad-insertion platform is a leader in the fast-moving podcast industry, offering unprecedented technology for advertisers and audio publishers. We give podcast creators highly intuitive tools to distribute and monetize premium on-demand audio and measure the results with sophisticated analytics. We also provide advertisers unparalleled access to a diverse listenership through the Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM). In partnership with Nielsen, MTM enables advertisers to target more than 60,000 audience segments. It is the first and only podcast advertising platform to deliver dynamic, audience-based targeting across all podcasting apps. Our technology powers top networks and publishers, including HowStuffWorks, Gimlet, The Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed and WBUR.

Panoply is also a creator and producer of premium podcasts that engage, uplift, and educate listeners of all backgrounds. Our award-winning shows have been enjoyed by tens of millions of listeners, and have consistently ranked among Apple’s Top Podcasts (including numerous number one hits). Panoply is the studio behind original shows such as Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History, Empire on Blood, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, You Must Remember This, The Message and By The Book.

"Incredibly intelligent people, collegial environment, flexibility, work/life balance. And most importantly, it's a blast every single day."

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