88 Min Released Apr 29, 2016

#583: Green Room / Top 5 Single Location Films

When they finally get around to making Filmspotting: The Movie,
it will be eligible for a future revisit of this week’s Top 5:
Single Location Films. Maybe Adam and Josh can convince Jeremy
Saulnier to direct. Call it "Beige Studio." That top 5, plus a
review of Saulnier's GREEN ROOM, Massacre Theatre and Adam and Josh
finally close the book on Filmspotting Madness 2016 with results
from the impossibly close third-place contest between Wes Anderson
and Martin Scorsese.
This episode is brought to you by MUBI.
0:00-2:54 - Billboard / MUBI
2:54-26:17 - Review: "Green Room"
Muhammad Seven, "The Beastly Ballad..."
26:17-48:52 - Prince / Notes
48:52-51:09 - Massacre Theatre
Muhammad Seven, "Swampers at Fame"
52:12-55:53 - Donations / SVU Promo
1:14:10-1:25:49 - Top 5: Single Location Films
1:25:49-1:28:57 - Close

  • Muhammad Seven LINKS
  • Josh's review of "Green Room"
  • Chicago Underground Film Fest
  • Filmspotting Madness Final Bracket
  • Adam's Art of Memoir class
  • Art of the Real on MUBI
  • The Dark Side of Disney doc
  • Soderbergh and Nichols Commentary


Weekly film podcast and WBEZ radio show from Chicago featuring in-depth reviews, top 5 lists and interviews. Hosted by Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen. Part of the Panoply Network.

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