30 Min Released Sep 3, 2018

⚖️ Better Call Saul S04.E05: Quite a Ride

As the machine chews up critical evidence in Saul Goodman's office -- because that's where we are -- we see a collage of the aftermath of the beatdown Saul got from Jesse Pinkman in Breaking BadS05.E11, "Confessions." (I think? As I've mentioned in previous recaps, it's five years since those episodes ran, and as a straight viewer of Better Call Saul, I tend to just enjoy the show in its own timeline and not care about cross-checking it against Breaking Bad eps. As a recapper, well, here I am, caring, but if my research doesn't line up, hit me in the comments.) Saul's multiple cell phones, an open safe, scales of justice and faux pillars and marketing matchbooks scattered about…the place is a mess, and Saul is grunting as he tries to shift a tile in the dropped ceiling. Eventually he succeeds, and a bowling bag full of cash drops into the office. Saul exults that "it's" all still there. "Meaning what, exactly?" a mid-shred Francesca asks. Saul lamely gabbles something about rodents nesting in it. Francesca makes her customary "k, weirdo" face.

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