74 Min Released May 10, 2017


James West and Ben Dreyfus are young renegade reporters who work as Senior Editors at the non-profit investigative news magazine Mother Jones. They recently attended the White House Correspondents' Dinner which President Trump ducked. They join Josh to discuss the public's cynicism towards the press, and journalists' relationship to power. (Plus, news of the firing of James Comey, the FBI Director, breaks while we're recording.) Is "fake news" real? Is Bob Woodward a schmuck? Is the White House Correspondents' Dinner more than a vapid, back-slapping schmooze-fest? Yes, maybe and no.

#WeThePeople LIVE

#WeThePeople LIVE

In an era of thought bubbles, of talking points, of fake news and phony debate, #WeThePeople LIVE is a refreshing bar-room conversation about the biggest issues of our time.

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