33 Min Released Oct 18, 2016

Season 2 Premiere: Queen Bees, Wannabes, And Everything High School–Related In Between

Welcome to Season 2 of Skillset — the podcast where every guest is an expert, and every week they teach you and me a new way to look at the movies. This season is about one thing: high school movies. Which means, well, it’s actually going to be about dozens of things, but especially: What a real-life witch thinks about The Craft, what a real-life principal thinks about Ferris Bueller, and lost Breakfast Club footage you’ve never seen. We’re talking about everything from Tom Cruise’s sunglasses to Carrie’s prom dress.

Our first guest of the new season is Mean Girls expert Rosalind Wiseman, author of the book Queen Bees and Wannabes, who tells us how she’d update the movie if Lindsay Lohan was in high school today. Holland Roden and Shelly Hennig, the stars of MTV’s Teen Wolf, try to understand why the 31-year-old movie still has claws in audiences today. And Can’t Hardly Wait costume designer Mark Bridges talks about the best — and worst — of late-’90s fashion. You know what that means: scuba goggles.

That’s all in this week’s episode of “Skillset.” Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher, and if you learned something new — like I know I did — give us a rating. Class is now in session.



On Skillset, every guest is an expert, and every week they teach you and me a new way to look at the movies.

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