27 Min Released Feb 28, 2017

The Zaza Episode: Home Away From Homs

Maeve gets the latest from Mona Chalabi about what Syrian refugees will face in Trump’s USA. She meets Zaza - there are 350 Mohameds in his company, so he has to go by his surname. His life has been turned upside down by the conflict in Syria, and he describes life in Homs under a dictatorship. On the waitlist for over two years for an asylum interview, he opens up about the struggles he faces in this new life, as well as the joys. Our context queen is one of the world’s foremost authorities on what civilian life has been like under Assad, Leila Al-Shami. She explains how peaceful protests descended into the deadliest war of our time, and we learn what it’s like to survive that, and escape, but still be haunted by Syria. Plus comedian Dave Hill leaves a voicemail on the White House answering machine.

Maeve in America: Immigration IRL

Maeve in America: Immigration IRL

Comedian Maeve Higgins is beyond ready to change the conversation around immigration.

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