23 Min Released Feb 21, 2017

Not My President's Day

Maeve and Alexis Coe (host of Presidents Are People Too!) co-host a special episode about the immigration policies of our first, last and current president. They head to Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation, to reflect on what Washington and the founding fathers envisioned this country could be. All men were equal? Except slaves forced to move from Africa and indentured servants sent from Europe. And, by chance, they come across an anti-hate gathering. Back in the studio, Carl Lipscombe with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration explains Obama‚Äôs immigration legacy and Palestinian-American comedian, Mo Amer, tells the bonkers story of how he got an inside scoop on the Muslim registry from sitting beside Eric Trump on a transatlantic flight. Eugene Mirman comes through with the details of the kompramat the Russians have on the President. 

Maeve in America: Immigration IRL

Maeve in America: Immigration IRL

Comedian Maeve Higgins is beyond ready to change the conversation around immigration.

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