52 Min Released Dec 7, 2016

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

A lot of assumptions have been made about Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He became tabloid fodder simply because of his engagement at the age of 19 to noted filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood. This wasn’t the career playbook for an actor on the rise thanks to diverse works like “Nowhere Boy” and “Kick-Ass”. In this conversation on “Happy Sad Confused”,  his podcast debut, Taylor-Johnson opens up about what it’s been like to be scrutinized and judged simply for falling in love and wanting to be a young father. Currently starring in the critically hailed Tom Ford thriller, “Nocturnal Animals”, the 26 year old reveals he never harbored a wish to play a superhero despite playing two already. Plus he pulls the curtain back on what it’s like to be “media trained” and why his big moment with Bruce Springsteen got ruined.    

Happy Sad Confused

Happy Sad Confused

On Happy Sad Confused, Josh Horowitz gets nerdy and intimate with the biggest movie stars and filmmakers on the planet.

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