31 Min Released Apr 8, 2015

Better Call Saul S:1 | E:10 Marco | Slate TV Club

In the latest episode of Slate's TV Club podcast about Better Call Saul, June Thomas and Seth Stevenson recap the season finale, "Marco," reflect on the past 10 episodes, and predict what will happen in Season Two.
Also, Seth uses the word "telos" liberally throughout the podcast. 
Plus, the hosts tally up the responses to last week's listener challenges, and Seth recklessly issues a new listener challenge, despite this being the final podcast of the first season. (Oh, what the heck. Send your responses to podcasts@slate.com. They're due sometime in early 2016.)  
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Better Call Saul: Slate TV Club

Better Call Saul: Slate TV Club

Slate's June Thomas and Seth Stevenson discuss Season 1 of AMC's Better Call Saul. Note: Episodes contain spoilers from each episode (and from Breaking Bad). Part of the Panoply Network.

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