10 Min Released Feb 6, 2017

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A Tax Reform Cloud Hangs Over Affordable Housing

WSJ Your Money Matters

The Wall Street Journal's Laura Kusisto says the possibility of tax reform is threatening funding for affordable housing deals. It's because a lower corporate tax rate could lower the value of tax credits used to fund projects.

6 Min

Mar 21, 2017

BREXIT: Felix Salmon is Panicking

#WeThePeople LIVE

Josh jumped on the phone with Felix Salmon to discuss BREXIT. @WTP_LIVE @JOSHZEPPS #MakeDebateHealthyAgain

22 Min

Jun 24, 2016

Tech Firms to Remove Terror Content from the Web

WSJ What's News

After a meeting with European Union officials, four tech giants say they'll use a shared database to speed up the removal of terror content from the Web. Wall Street Journal reporter Natalia Drozdiak says the companies are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft.

10 Min

Dec 6, 2016