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34 Min Released Apr 30, 2016

44. Douglas Rushkoff (Media Theorist) – Hack the $ystem

"The problem with our time is that we look at people for their utility value.", says Douglas Rushkoff, author of Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus. 

Since the late Middle Ages, Rushkoff argues, money and businesses have been programmed to extract more and more value from humans and the earth. The priority of endless growth has led to scorched-earth policies that put humans out of work and destroy the planet, 

But we programmed the system in the first place, says Rushkoff, and we can reprogram it. Join him and Think Again host Jason Gots for a searching discussion of our many, many alternatives to a robot dystopian future. 

Surprise conversation-starters in this episode from novelist Joshua Cohen, communication expert Nancy Duarte, and personal growth expert Tara-Sophia Mohr.

And here's Jason Gots' article on Rushkoff's new book, which Jason really, really liked. 

Think Again – a Big Think Podcast

Think Again – a Big Think Podcast

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