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New York Magazine's Sex Lives

Ella Dawson has herpes, and talking about it is sort of her thing. Ella gets real about dating with herpes, enjoying unprotected sex, and getting her sexual education from Harry Potter fan fiction.

31 Min

Mar 17, 2017

She Quit Law School to Write Erotica

New York Magazine's Sex Lives

Rachel Kramer-Bussel was a law student in the late '90s when an erotic fantasy about Monica Lewinsky changed her life— by inspiring her to drop everything and pursue a career in erotic literature.

23 Min

Mar 10, 2017

Virtual Reality Porn Is Killing Boners

New York Magazine's Sex Lives

Host Maureen O'Connor tries VR porn for the first time and is horrified. She's not the only one— the technical demands of the new medium has male performers struggling to stay turned on, too.

26 Min

Mar 3, 2017

The Facebook of Sex

New York Magazine's Sex Lives

To balance the myths of hardcore porn with reality, Cindy Gallop founded Make Love Not Porn, a video sharing network that is "pro-sex, pro-porn, pro-knowing the difference."

30 Min

Feb 24, 2017