I Have to Ask

I Have to Ask

As Slate’s resident interrogator, Isaac Chotiner has tangled with Newt Gingrich and gotten personal with novelist Jonathan Franzen. Now he’s bringing his pointed and smart interview style to the new podcast “I Have to Ask.” Isaac will talk one-on-one with newsmakers, celebrities, and cultural icons to help us better understand them and our world.

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I Have to Ask: The Ashley Parker Edition

I Have to Ask

The Washington Post political reporter on scheduling life around President Trump’s tweetstorms.

28 Min

May 18, 2017

Pankaj Mishra

I Have to Ask

The author of Age of Anger on why modern society is ill-equipped to handle populist rage.

43 Min

May 11, 2017

Jonathan Chait

I Have to Ask

The New York writer on how the Republican Party’s past explains the election of an American demagogue.

32 Min

May 4, 2017

29 min
Apr 26, 2017

The new Times book review editor on the future of criticism and what our books say about us.

32 min
Apr 20, 2017

The New Yorker’s David Grann on the future of longform journalism and reporting unsolved murders

34 min
Apr 13, 2017

ESPN’s Ethan Sherwood Strauss on working the Warriors beat, Steph Curry, and “sticking to sports” in the age of Trump.

49 min
Apr 6, 2017

New York Magazine writer Andrew Sullivan on the decay of conservatism and why he expected Trump’s victory.

30 min
Mar 30, 2017

Isaac Chotiner speaks with author and New Yorker staff writer Elif Batuman about what inspired her new novel The Idiot

41 min
Mar 23, 2017

Isaac Chotiner speaks with Emmy Award–winning news anchor Chris Hayes about his new book A Colony in a Nation.

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