47 Min Released Oct 27, 2016

Blame the Puppies: Ep. 63

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This week on Unorthodox, Bar Refaeli gets pixelated. Our Gentile of the Week is Sohrab Ahmari, a London-based editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal and the author of The New Philistines: How Identity Politics Disfigure the Arts. He tells us about watching the presidential election from abroad and his ongoing conversion to Catholicism. Our Jewish guest is filmmaker and anthropologist Noam Osband, who profiled Baruch Marzel, one of the leaders of Israel's far-right—and a distant relative of Osband’s—for his latest documentary, The Radical Jew. He tells us what surprised him most about the political firebrand, and plays us a song about puppies on his ukelele.

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