59 Min Released Nov 1, 2018

A Whole Year, Fam

IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! That’s right, Thirst Buckets! We are a whole year old. Whew! From the dirty auntie laughs to the profane gasps of delight, we’ve enjoyed every minute of breaking down pop culture and thirst with you. From southern men to British baes, newbies to Zaddies, french fries to hearty snacks, we tried to show love to all the baes we’ve loved before and we’re thrilled you’ve been along for the ride. In this episode, we reveal some of those [REDACTED] intros, share our favorite moments, and we even have special messages from some listeners and former guests. We have more episodes to  go so this isn’t the end, but we had to show ourselves a little anniversary love. Thank you for listening and always stay thirsty!

With guest shoutouts in order of appearance:

Bridget Minamore, “Great British Bae Off”

Special Guest

Tobin Low, Kathy Tu, Nancy Podcast, “The Nancy Fancies”

Jen, Thirst Bucket

Krutika Mallikarjuna, “Pow! Bam! Thirst!”

Gena-mour Barrett, “Loony for Tunes”

Julia Furlan, Former Producer

Cynthia Harris, “Southern Baes”

Alanna Bennett, “Tom Hiddleston, The Earnest Scarecrow”

Bolu Babalola, “Back to Baesics”

Special Guest

Cookie, Thirst Bucket

Essence Gant, “The Sterling Choice”

Brittany Luse, “More, More, More”

Ayumi, Thirst Bucket

Daniel M. Ortberg “Literary Baes”

Eleanor Kagan, Former Producer

Samantha, Thirst Bucket

Special Guest*

Thirst Aid Kit

Thirst Aid Kit

Everything you need to lust out loud.

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