47 Min Released Dec 8, 2016

A Bond Like No Other: Bishop Sherman Watkins Pt. II

One of my passions right now is bringing the generations together.  There is a considerable gap, made even wider by the illusion of being “connected” via social media when we are not truly reaching out to each other.  Making an effort to genuinely connect will empower our younger generation to face the societal challenges of today with the wisdom of those who fought the great fight before them.

In this episode, I speak with my friend and spiritual father, Bishop Sherman Watkins. Bishop Watkins was a critical influence in my life upon the premature death of my Dad when I was 16. His watchful eye and consistent tutelage during those formative years were the catalyst through which I escaped being a statistic too often seen in underserved communities. His marriage of 43 years inspired me as a husband and gave me the perseverance needed in rearing my children. Our intergenerational experiences have helped many today to identify voids and fill them when found.

Mentorship is important and can be the deciding factor between a young person achieving greatness and feeling lost without purpose.

TD Jakes Podcast

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TD Jakes Podcast

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