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40 Min Released Jun 13, 2015

A Certain Justice

This week, Dahlia speaks with a former clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas about the strong stances that Thomas has been taking recently. And she asks what’s at stake in a big challenge to “One Person One Vote” that SCOTUS will take up next term.
Please let us know what you think of Amicus. Our email is to our podcast here.Want a transcript of this week’s episode? They’re all available to members of Slate Plus. Consider signing up today -- members get bonus segments, exclusive member-only podcasts, and more. Sign up for a free trial here.Our sponsor this week is The Great Courses, offering audio video lectures like "The First Amendment and You: What Everyone Should Know." Get up to get up to 80 percent off the original price when you visit . We’re also sponsored by FreshBooks. For your free 30-day trial, go to , and use the promo code Amicus. This week’s excerpts from the Supreme Court’s public sessions were provided by Oyez, a free law project at the Chicago-Kent College of Law, part of the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Slate's Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick

Slate's Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick

A legal podcast with Slate's Dahlia Lithwick

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