37 Min Released Sep 29, 2016

AfterEllen’s Trish Bendix And Lesbian Media

This week on Lady Problems, the MTV News podcast dedicated to pop culture’s treatment of women, Hazel Cills and Teo Bugbee sub in for host Rachel Handler to talk to former AfterEllen editor-in-chief Trish Bendix about the implosion of lesbian media. Bendix worked with AfterEllen for ten years, when the site was one of only two lesbian media companies on the internet. But when AfterEllen was taken over by Evolve Media, for the first time, the fate of the site rested on the decisions of mostly straight men — men who, according to Bendix, shrugged that responsibility right off their shoulders.

Beyond the murky fate of lesbian media, in this episode we also cover Rolling Stone misgendering Laura Jane Grace, a new law that will protect actresses from internet age-truthers, and the magical mystery tour of Robert Downey Jr.’s hairy, hairy body in the 2004 weirdo classic Fur.

Feel free to find Hazel, Teo, and Rachel on Twitter and say hi, or call us with your Lady Problem at 205-677-5239 — yes, that is 205-677-LADY, and if you think we’re not going to remind people of that every single week, then you must not know Lady Problems.

Lady Problems

Lady Problems

Lady Problems is MTV's weekly look at how pop culture is treating women. Hint: “poorly.”

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