42 Min Released Nov 1, 2018

Halloween Edition: On Witches and Brett Kavanaugh

Casper is out sick, so Vanessa is taking over our owl post episode this week. We talk Brett Kavanaugh and answer voicemails about his hearing, Voldemort's name, Advent and marginalia.

Vanessa also has the opportunity to chat with Dr. Lynne Gerber, a friend of the podcast from Harvard Divinity School. They discuss Lynne's experience with neo-paganism and how to create feminist spaces for religious practice. Next week, we'll be reading Chapter 11 of Order of the Phoenix, The Sorting Hat's New Song, through the theme of dread.

You can hear the rest of Stephanie Paulsell's sermon here.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

(Re)reading Harry Potter as a sacred text

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