75 Min Released Jun 7, 2017

Kate Mara and Jake Johnson

It’s a full-circle moment for “Happy Sad Confused” as our very first guest, Kate Mara, returns at long last! A lot has changed since Kate last visited, and she and Josh take stock of it all, from a little perspective on “Fantastic Four” to introducing fiancé Jamie Bell to her One Direction obsession.

Kate also talks about her love of animals (including a trip to Liberia to hang with some chimpanzees and her sister, Rooney) and working opposite a canine costar in her new film, “Megan Leavy.”

Later in the show, Jake Johnson makes his debut to talk about what it’s like to do crazy, death-defying stunts with Tom Cruise (their new film “The Mummy” is out this Friday).

Jake also talks about his bittersweet feelings on the “New Girl” ending, what it was like to hang out with Prince, and why his biggest box-office success, “Let’s Be Cops,” wasn’t a fun experience.

Happy Sad Confused

Happy Sad Confused

On Happy Sad Confused, Josh Horowitz gets nerdy and intimate with the biggest movie stars and filmmakers on the planet.

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