41 Min Released Jan 3, 2019

#196: Kristen's Love Language

Happy New Year! We're back from the holiday break, with lots of (good and bad) holiday stories...about animals eating the wrong things.

Poll of the Week
What do Democrats want in 2020? (USA TODAY/Suffolk University)

The Shutdown
Americans Give Everyone Negative Marks For The Government Shutdown (HuffPo/YouGov)
Federal Employees Overwhelmingly Oppose Shutdown (Government Business Council & GovExec.com)
47% of Americans blame Trump for government shutdown (Reuters/Ipsos)

Trump Approval(HuffPo)

Climate Change
Consensus emerges in climate change debate (NBC News/Wall Street Journal)

How American Thinking Has (And Hasn’t) Changed In 80 Years (HuffPo/YouGov)

New Years Resolutions (NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist)

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The Pollsters

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