93 Min Released May 31, 2018

90: O-ZONE 5/31/18 with Robbie Jones

Robbie Jones joins Omar and Terry on this spirited edition of the O-ZONE! They talk about the NBA playoffs, are the Cavs over working Lebron? and they give their NBA finals predictions. They speak on Canelo and GGG fight and does Canelo deserve a bigger piece of the fight purse after his steroid controversy? They talk about the NFL and how president cheeto talked with the owners about the anthem rule and can the league unify? Terry gets heated over an ESPN article about how Mike Trout is a better player than Mookie Betts. All this and so much more on this episode of the O-ZONE!

NBA     4:16Boxing 42:04NFL 1:04:41Tennis 1:15:51NHL 1:16:38Soccer 1:18:29MLB 1:19:15



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