46 Min Released May 20, 2017

99. Mary Gaitskill (Writer) – Their Animal Being

Since 2008, Big Think has been sharing big ideas from creative and curious minds. The Think Again podcast takes us out of our comfort zone, surprising our guests and Jason Gots, your host, with unexpected conversation starters from Big Think’s interview archives.

“How strange it is to be anything at all.” – from the song In the Aeroplane Over the Seaby Neutral Milk Hotel 
Mary Gaitskill is the author of three short story collections including Bad Behavior and Don’t Cry, and three novels, including Veronica and Two Girls, Fat and Thin. Her latest book is a collection of essays and reviews called Somebody With a Little Hammer. The topics are diverse, from the Hollywood version of Mary’s story Secretary, to date rape, to Celine Dion, to Mary’s experience losing her cat, Gattino. In every case Mary writes with startling, otherworldly clarity, peeling back the surface of things we might think we understand to peer into the slippery psychological realities underneath.

In this episode: Threaded through with personal anecdotes, relevant moments from Gaitskill’s novels and essays, and striking observations about human nature, this intimate, starkly honest conversation goes wide and deep. So deep, in fact, that there’s barely time to get to the surprise clips! 

Surprise conversation starter interview clips: Google's Tristan Harris on the attention economy

Think Again – a Big Think Podcast

Think Again – a Big Think Podcast

We surprise some of the world's brightest minds with ideas they're not at all prepared to discuss.

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