85 Min Released Aug 18, 2015

SVU #92: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp / The Works of The State Alumni

Just as entertaining as monkey torture, far more valuable than $240 worth of pudding, it's the latest episode of Filmspotting: SVU! Matt and Alison discuss the brand-new Netflix series WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: FIRST DAY OF CAMP and recommend some other movies from the show's cast and creators you can rent or stream at home right now.
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Opening Break
She's Funny That Way Some Kind of Beautiful Being Evel
Queue Shots: The Post-The-State Works of The State
The Baxter Wet Hot American Summer Party Down Diggers
Listeners Choice Review
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
Behind the 8-Ball: 3 New Releases
Matt: Behind the Candelabra / The Skeleton Twins / The Lie
Alison: A Most Violent Year / Trouble Every Day / Polytechnique
2 Listener Recommendations
Matt: Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead / Rajneesh A Go Go
Alison: Rick and Morty / On the Road
1 Random Film From Our Queues
Matt: Ong Bak 2: The Beginning
Alison: Rich Hill

Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit (SVU)

Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit (SVU)

Filmspotting: SVU is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Alison Willmore and Matt Singer focusing on the world of online movies. Part of the Filmspotting family of podcasts and the Panoply Network.

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