46 Min Released Nov 19, 2018

#153: Lost Films Found, Pt . 2 - Shirkers

A landmark first feature shot in the 90s but never seen until now.

Where Orson Welles' THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND is the story of a movie finished years after its director let it go, Sandi Tan’s new SHIRKERS is the story of a film its director could never really let go. In this half of our discussion on lost films found, we share our reactions to Tan’s unusual film, before bringing in Welles' WIND to see what the two films share in their portraits of auteurism, their difficult production histories, and their respective movies-within-the-movie. Plus, Your Next Picture Show, where we share recent filmgoing experiences in hopes of putting something new on your cinematic radar.

Please share your comments, thoughts, and questions about THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND, SHIRKERS, or both by sending an email to comments@nextpictureshow.net, or leaving a short voicemail at (773) 234-9730..

Your Next Picture Show: 
• Scott: Frederick Wiseman’s MONROVIA, INDIANA
• Keith: Luca Guadagnino’s SUSPIRIA
• Tasha: Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl’s PROSPECT

Outro Music: Weish’s “Tick Tick”

The Next Picture Show

The Next Picture Show

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