34 Min Released Apr 6, 2018

Episode 50: Stop Reading Bad Rumi Translations At Your Weddings

This week, we cut to the feeling with cultural critic and poet Hanif Abdurraqib, author of "They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us".  Ahmed and Hanif play a game of ’Carly Rae or Sufi?” and then chat about being the only POC in punk spaces and growing up Muslim. Later we call up Layla Abdullah-Poulos from NbA Muslims to unpack tribalism in the Muslim community, state violence, and the role of Muslim voices in the conversation about the Stephon Clark shooting.

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See Something Say Something

See Something Say Something

Each week, BuzzFeed News’ Ahmed Ali Akbar covers everything that American Muslims are talking about right now — misrepresentation in the media, equality in the mosque, Ashad memes, and much more.

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