Megaphone Targeted Marketplace

The first audience-based targeting marketplace in podcasting

Why Megaphone Targeted Marketplace?

Targeting at scale

60,000 audience segments targeting listeners by interest, purchase behavior, and demographics across all podcast apps, devices, and platforms.

Data-driven custom ad content

Utilizing years of experience and cutting-edge data to develop breakthrough audio ads that envelop the user and drive results.

Dynamic ad insertion

Ad spots are populated upon podcast download, ensuring messaging is fresh and relevant.

Actionable campaign insights

Bringing next-generation metrics like attribution and brand lift to on-demand audio for the first time.

How it works

Reach the right listener, every time. See how it works.

Advertiser benefits

Solving the challenges of traditional podcast advertising.

Unprecedented listener reach

Implement the same targeting parameters as your other digital media campaigns to reach the right audience without any wasted impressions.

Efficient execution

Buy according to audience rather than on a show by show level. Record one set of ads that can be played across all shows.

Guaranteed brand safety

Best-in-class, custom ads with Panoply Creative Solutions with ability to pre-screen before airing. Run across a premium network of professionally produced content.

True measurement

Analyze performance across a range of metrics, including brand lift and attribution.

Delivering results

Targeted ads lead to increased listener action. Panoply ran an attribution study for a leading auto and home insurance provider with the goal of driving listeners to request a quote online. Over a 30-day period, the advertiser saw a drastic lift in requests.

What does your brand sound like?

Work with our Creative Solutions team to craft data-informed custom ad content that resonates.

Extend the intimacy of a host-read ad to a more scalable solution.

Experiment with sound design to tell your unique brand story.

Tailor ad content to your target audience by customizing voice, script, and more to best connect with listeners.  

Harness best practices built from years of experience, supplemented by insights from a top audio analytics company.

You're in good company

Leading brands use Megaphone Targeted Marketplace to reach their target audience.

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Make podcasting a part of your robust advertising strategy, and start reaching highly engaged listeners that matter to your campaign.

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