12 Min Released Sep 3, 2015

The You Get a Trophy Just for Listening Bonus Segment

This podcast extra is free to all readers to preview our membership program, Slate Plus. Visit slate.com/hangupplus to learn more.In their Aug. 17 Slate Plus bonus segment, Hang Up and Listen’s Josh Levin, Stefan Fatsis, and Mike Pesca discuss participation trophies, a supposed scourge that even NPR-listening softies point to as a sure sign of American decline. Josh, Stefan, and Mike were reacting to recent anti–participation trophy comments made by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison.To access each week’s Hang Up and Listen bonus segment, visit slate.com/hangupplus and try Slate Plus free for two weeks.

Slate's Hang Up and Listen

Slate's Hang Up and Listen

The week in sports, from the online magazine Slate.

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