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Life of the Law

Law is alive. It doesn’t live in books and words. It thrives in how well we understand and apply it to everyday life.

We ask questions, find answers, and publish what we discover in feature episodes and live storytelling.

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120: Life Un-DACAmented (Re-Broadcast)

Life of the Law

We share the story of Luis and at the end of the episode, talk to his attorney and his mother, to find out what has happened since we first met him two years ago.

33 Min

Oct 17, 2017

119: Live Law Detroit

Life of the Law

Transition and Transformation

70 Min

Oct 3, 2017

118: In Studio - Global Intellectual Property

Life of the Law

All over the world people create. Music, art, literature. But is their creative work protected?

38 Min

Sep 19, 2017

35 min
Sep 5, 2017

Can someone really own an image, or own a song? Here in the United States, the answer is yes, absolutely. But that isn’t the case everywhere.

48 min
Aug 22, 2017

Moral luck and prosecutorial discretion in America

29 min
Aug 8, 2017

It all started out as a plan to steal some comic books, sell them and split the cash. That was before a busted lip, a heart attack, and federal prosecutors stepped in.

69 min
Jul 11, 2017

Locking People Up

44 min
Jun 28, 2017

Playing Games

19 min
Jun 13, 2017

NBA Champion GS Warriors vs SQ Warriors

48 min
Jun 2, 2017

Unequal Protection

32 min
May 23, 2017

Warren McCleskey’s unsuccessful appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

37 min
Apr 4, 2017

Twenty-one years ago, at the age of 19, Greg Eskridge was sentenced to 65 years-to-life plus two life terms in prison. Greg's mom, Patricia Eskridge, was in the courtroom that day to hear the judge announce what, in many ways, would be her future.

53 min
Mar 21, 2017

Heroin Town

48 min
Mar 8, 2017

Methadone treatment doesn’t always work. So what do you do?

53 min
Feb 21, 2017

Radio Silenced

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