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37 Min Released Sep 22, 2016

No-Bullshit Goddess Stacy London With Some Great Backstage Emmys Gossip

This week on Lady Problems, MTV News's podcast that looks at how pop culture treats women, Hazel Cills and Rachel Handler allow the Lady Problems podcast model to temporarily implode so that they can interview the inimitable Stacy London. Stacy hosted What Not To Wear for 10 straight years and has continued to be a beacon of no-bullshit, offering women advice on everything from style to aging to self-image. Earlier this month, Stacy wrote a piece for Refinery29 explaining that, at as she gets older, her "trouser pockets are filled with fewer and fewer fucks" when it comes to style rules and societal expectations for women over 40. In this episode, we have a wide-ranging conversation with Stacy about her scorching piece, backstage gossip from the Emmys red carpet, whether or not the #AskHerMore campaign makes any sense, Brangelina and Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson (we told you it was wide-ranging, y'all), how she feels about ending up on a few Worst Dressed lists this week, and, of course, what the hell we should all be wearing.

Lady Problems

Lady Problems

Lady Problems is MTV's weekly look at how pop culture is treating women. Hint: “poorly.”

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